D6 PHEV 2013

Volvo V60 D6 PHEV 2013

PHEV - Used - Green plate (HU)

Production years 2013 - 2014
Electric range 48 km
New price Not in production
Battery 11.2 kWh
AC charger time (0-100%) Type2: 2 hour 42 min
Reviews: 4.4 (4 ct)

Variant data

Availability and price

Availability Used
Production years 2013 - 2014
New price Not in production
Used price from 4,490,000 HUF (17)

Range and battery

Electric range (WLTP) 48 km
Electric range (EPA) 37 km
Electric range (NEDC) No data
Battery 11.2 kWh
Battery (useable) 10 kWh
Diesel range 640 km
Diesel tank 45 l


AC charger power 3.7 kW
AC charger time (0-100%) 2 hour 42 min
AC charger type Type2
DC charger No


Acceleration 6.1 sec
Top speed 230 km/h
Drive AWD
Engine type Diesel
Power 283 LE
Power (EV) 68 LE
Power (diesel) 215 LE
Torque 640 Nm
Torque (EV) 200 Nm
Torque (diesel) 440 Nm


Car body wagon
Curb Weight 2058 kg
Cargo Volume 305 liter
Length 4635 mm
Width 1865 mm
Height 1484 mm
Seats 5
Wheelbase No data
Isofix No data

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